ABCs Alphabet Phonics Learn to Read Preschool Game App Reviews

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Useful for my son

Nice educational app for kids. My son quickly learn to read and write using this app. Its useful educational app for my son.

This is so much fun

I downloaded this fun for my daughter. Game design is pretty good, especially suitable for children to play, my daughter loves it too much and can spend for hours to play it. Really educational app! Love it and the content it has to offer!

Great app! When it works...

This app works wonderfully when it works. It seems to only work abotu 10% of the time. The rest of the time the app doesnt recognize when you drag items to where they are supposed to go. This reders the majority of the games useless. Very bummed. My 4 year old loves it when it did work.

Excellent app

Excellent app for my kids. I don't like to leave my youngest in front of an iPad or tv just rotting his brain away. I like that he can interact and learn with this app and I know he'll actually get something out of this app. Very happy father

Addictive, Fun and Educational

If you want your little one to learn how to read a bit earlier than normal, then download this app! Not only is it educational but so fun for kids that they'll hardly realize they're learning. It's even great for young kids that know how to read because it helps keep there reading skills in tack. Definitely worth the download!


This app is a wonderful tool to help my child learn to read. The games are fun and my child is learning the sounds and letters without it feeling like learning. The animation is vivid, colorful, and keeps my child hooked on what's next. She also really enjoys hearing the praise come from the app when she's correct. For a free app, this is top notch!

Fun way to spend time

I was at the airport with my four year old niece and she loved this game! It kept her totally engrossed and as I former preschool teacher I could tell she was learner. Plus the adult confirmations (asking you to do math problems) confirm that I really want to buy the Ty level not just that the child wants I move on. The only problem was she loved popping balloons so much she would purposely save the correct letter got last

Engaging and educational fun!

Great farm and games offered! My niece is just learning to read and this game is perfect to help her recognize letters and sounds while having fun and earning rewards. The games are cute, positive, and she loves earning new stickers to create her own farm. Well done!

Fun way to learn!

The free version gives you a great sample of fun, interactive games to have your little one learn. The four available are letter sounds, initial sounds, blending sounds, and fluent reading. Each of them are fun and different. Positive reinforcement makes it a stress-free experience. The only suggestion I would make is to have a timer so that if your little one is easily distracted, their attention can be brought back to the game :)

Fun and Educational Phonics System for Early Reading

My son is in kindergarten and absolutely loved Phonics Island from 22learn. I’m very happy to have discovered Alphabet Phonics because it helped him build upon the foundations he acquired from Phonics Island. It also provided him with additional practice. The app not only teaches letter sounds but also gives step-by-step instructions on how to trace all letters, which we found very helpful. Flash cards are also a great feature as the app has many pictures that illustrate words that begin with various letter sounds. In this app, children will learn to read not only individual letters and words but also simple sentences. The sight words section helped my son read more rapidly and expanded his list of sight words. The overall design of the app is easy for children to use and it has vibrant colors and nice illustrations that my son enjoyed. Thanks for a great app!

Beat reading tool I've ever used!

This app is an invaluable tool for anyone looking for a fun, interactive, and effective way to teach children reading skills. Equipped with a plethora of games, the app also has different settings that can be applied to accommodate children with learning disabilities. I personally used this with my little guy at home and he immediately loved it, and I can already see positive results. Thanks for the great free app!

Fantastic App for Kids

We find the application to be very interactive for the child. The app is a great learning environment for younger kids from the ages of 3-6 years old (in our opinion) because it gives the child a taste of what animals, words, etc. are. For example, when you use the app, the speaker sounds out words like "Map" and will help the listener (the child) to find the correct option. Overall, it is a fantastic app for younger kids or even parents that want to give their child a taste of what things are like Animals, Words, etc. Great Job! -Techlifetoday Co.

A+ Smart Phonics App!

I appreciate an app that can entertain my 3 & 4 year old children while teaching them at the same time! My girls are exceptionally intelligent and this Phonics app has several fun tools to challenge and enhance learning skills! My favorite aspect is listening to them sound out words and the encouragement given throughout the game! Tracing, matching & bingo are just to name a few of their favorites games within the app! I like hassle-free and user friendly learning games for younger children because it builds self esteem & IQ score! I've recommended it to my friends and family with children between the ages of 3-9 yrs old. The graphics are brilliant and sounds are pleasant and age appropriate! I give it an A+ with 5 gold stars!

Interesting farm

My son accidentally download this app, it has cartoon background, hatched chicken, balloons, talking bird and so on. I like this interesting game too. I find that my son will follow the sound in this app, learning how to pronounce. Really a good teacher!

Funny and good teacher

I am a mother, not only my baby but also me love this funny game! Actually, I will recommend some interesting App to my baby. Before he plays it, I will try first. If it is time-wasting, I won't ask my baby to play. It teaches alphabet one by one with the balloon, vivid and beautiful!

Fun and Educational

This app is by far my toddler's favorite. The game he loves the most is where he matches the sound to the letters on the balloons, and in turn, gets to build a train for the farm animals. The graphics are beautiful and the amount of gameplay options is great! I noticed there's an option for children with Dyslexia which I think is wonderful. This app is fast and hasn't crashed on me yet.


This app seemed like a fun tool for my 4 year old -- until we purchased the app to unlock all levels. Now, it crashes constantly, creating nothing but frustration for her. We've restarted and reinstalled and no changes. This app needs an immediate update. I wish the App Store gave refunds. This is a waste of money

My son loved it!

This is a very original game that will keep children busy while being very educational with all the different levels. My child enjoyed playing it.


Phonics: Fun on Farm is a great app for kids who are learning to read. It helps kids learn what each letter sounds like by using a fun game, encouragement, and rewards! This is the best way for kids to learn - by making it fun - and this app is a blast for kids! I would highly recommend this to any parent with a young child ready to learn phonics and reading!

Great learning games for preschool and kindergarten kids!

This app is so great for my kids. It has a bunch of different games and activities in it (phonics awareness, flash cards, handwriting, sight words, learn to read letters, words and sentences and many more). What is great about this app is that the activities are those that help kids learn to read and develop while having fun at the same time. It's so easy to use and I have not had any problems with it. Thanks for developing.

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